"I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis for several years, I have done everything possible to end this debilitating problem i.e. stretches, exercises, shoe inserts, cortisone shots as well as three rounds of Physical Therapy back in Massachusetts plus a lot more. We are vacationing in Hilton Head and my PT was extended by my insurance to cover yet more treatments. I have seen "some" improvement having had dry needling procedure in the past and when I began my search for PT while in HHI my priority was to find someone to continue with the dry needle procedure. I was directed to LAVA PT on 2 Greenwood Dr. and Jeanine Russman, the Physical Therapist, trained in the technique of dry needling. For the first time in years after only a handful of treatments, I am able to walk without pain and all credit goes to Jeanine. Not only is she a miracle worker but she is the epitome of professionalism and her knowledge of this affliction is outstanding as she too suffered from this affliction at one time. Jeanine has a special talent and hopefully this is recognized by her employers. They have a gem working for them and they should treasure this gem. Thank you Jeanine Russman."

- Karen Fitzpatrick -


"Highly recommend LAVA PT. Very professional and highly qualified therapists."

- Jerry Murrah 

"I want to thank LAVA PT for such a good experience. My knee feels great!"

- Geraldine Brunner